Best Badminton Rackets – Reviews & Buying Guide [June 2020]

Fond of badminton and searching for the best badminton rackets for your next tournament. You have landed on the right page. Everyone knows the importance for sports in our lives. Among these sports, badminton is most of the time favorite game of youngsters. When it comes to win the next badminton match, what immediately clicks in your mind is the best rackets and light weighted, good shuttle in your hands.

Each player is different at playing games, all apply their own tactics and the body language matters a lot. Choosing a badminton rackets depend on various factors for a player. There are a number of rackets available in the market, some of which are for beginners, for intermediates or for the pro level players. You will have a huge collection of rackets to select the one out of them for you. This is quite difficult task to select the best in such options.

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Our Best Picks


Yonex Voltric Z Force 2


 Budget Frienldy 

Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket

Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Rackets

To minimize your confusion, we have gathered data from different platforms, to help you in selecting the best badminton racket so that you can put your opponent on the edge. Before choosing the best badminton, it is necessary to go through the list so that you can make a better choice. Also, you must have a look on its features, including the weight, made material and quality for better experience.

Some of the best badminton rackets are enlisted below

Yonex Voltric 5
The design is quite attractive and sleek.
Yonex Voltric Z
Force 2
The racket is good for advance level
Yonex Arcsaber 10
It is very accurate and precise in its shots.
Wilson Recon P3500
The T-joint system gives you more balance.
Babolat Satellite Gravity Badminton racket
This is a perfectly balanced racket.
Yonex Duora Z-Strike
Accuracy and precision level is incredible.
Li-Ning Superlight Windstorm 72
This is a super light racket.
Babolat I-Pulse Power Racket
Digging shots are very easy to produce.
Babolat X-Feel Origin Essential Racket
The racket is aerodynamically very stable.
Babolat Prime Essential Graphite Racket
It is very light in weight, thus easy to use.
Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket
It resist maximum air coming to your side.
QICHUAN Graphite Badminton Racket
The made material is 100% durable.
ZOEA Badminton Racket
Grips are very comfortable and durable.
Franklin Sports 2 Player Racket
It comes with metallic strings.
FiberFlash 7 by RiteTrak Sports
The shaft and head are made from strong stuff.
Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket
It is very light in weight, with good grip.
KEVENZ Badminton Racket
This is made from 100% carbon fiber.
Wilson recon PX7600
The grip is smooth.
Li-Ning Badminton Windstorm 78SL
It is very light in weight for better control.
Senston N80 Graphite Racket
Solid construction with one piece design.

1.Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket – Easy to Carry and Handle

Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

Yonex rackets are well known among the players of badminton of their excellent performance, lightweight, great shots and impressive designs. The speed, power, control makes them valuable for the players to win the match. With adorable and smart structures, the features of the rackets makes them worth buying.

One of the racket from Yonex, Voltric 5 is best to buy because of its unlimited features that a player wants in his product. This racket is smartly designed with black body having yellow tones that adds attractiveness to their product. It comes with budget friendly price tag that every player can afford easily. The tri-voltage system of the racket is perfect combo for power, agility and at the same time, it allows you to hit sharp, fast and hard shots.

When it comes to speed and swing, it cuts the shuttle through the air and reaches to the opponent like a high speed ball that gives you an edge over them. The new support cap makes it easy to handle and provides a wide surface for better grip over the racket.

Key Features

  • The design is quite attractive and sleek
  • Handling features of the racket are remarkable
  • The player’s grip over the racket makes it easy to shot the shuttle hard
  • Made for the players who love to play head heavy racket
  • It is great for the beginners as it is light in weight
  • Due to less weight it is easy to carry and handle
  • It will protect you from the defensive players if you use it perfectly
  • Voltric 5 will never tire your wrist and good for the solid responses
  • It is good for frontcourt game

  • Less costly
  • Light in weight
  • Great balance
  • Quick responses
  • Protective against defensive players

  • Weight is inconsistent in some cases

Customer's Reviews
He is using this product for very head heavy duty, and, effortless clears. The factory stinging is set at 20 lbs. you might need to restring the racket for better performance. If you have not used a head heavy racket before, you might feel fatigued after using this, but your whole arm strength will improve after a few days use. Somehow, weight is an issue for beginners.

2. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 - Good for Big Smashes

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

Voltric Z Force 2 is featured with Volta extra voltage system that combines the contrasting characteristics of a head heavy performance racket with light and fast racket handling. The Tri voltage system of the racket has been now taken to another level of performance that makes you confident during the game. The tungsten infused grommet increases the impact power for fast and durable shots. This feature makes the contact between the sting and grommet stronger for heavy-duty performances.

The frame of the racket is enhanced to produce the maximum transfer of power to the shuttle. Voltric Z is designed to create a smooth aerodynamic shape where the grommet and string are inside the frame to minimize the air resistant. Overall, the air resistant is reduced to 4.4%. This is combined with the cutting-edge nanometric carbon technology to produce ultra-thin, tough aerodynamic and slim shaft to enhance the restoration capability. The restoration has increased up to 25%. It makes the shuttle to travel faster in lightweight with great power with more speed than the last version. The smash power has increased up to 7.3%.

Key Features

There are a number of features that makes the racket worth buying

  • The racket is good for advance level players
  • The flexibility of the racket is very stiff that allows you to play freely
  • Heavy head duty provides you a better balance experience
  • It ensures stability for maximum performance on fast strikes
  • It offers you more power and maneuverability than the previous version
  • The ultra-thin shaft provides more aerodynamic stability
  • Tri-voltage system maximizes the repulsion of the racket
  • Racket is good for people who love big smashes
  • This will maintain your pressure on your opponents

  • Ultra-thin shaft
  • Accurate on strikes
  • Maintains the balance
  • Less power, fast shots
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable to play
  • Frame breakage complains

Customer's Reviews
This is an ideal racket for me, it is the heavy head and optimal racket. The vibe of the racket is strong. I got it simply subsequent to playing with it one game. It packs a ton of punch with next to no extra weight. This is a beast racket only if you can tame it

3. Yonex Arcsaber 10 - Built-in T joint technology

Yonex Arcsaber 10

Yonex Arcsaber is a 5U racket with a weight of 75 to 80 grams, with a string tension of only 30 pounds. The racket material is graphite, with medium shaft flexibility. This one of the best badminton rackets for professional level players. The graphics of the racket are cool that gives a super strong feeling of best thing in your hands. There is extra strength added in your racket with the built-in T piece. The balance is the key factor in the game, thus you will feel a good equilibrium overall using this racket.

The thin and strong shaft of the racket comes with no exceptions! It is simply amazing in use as it is very durable and last longer as it can withstand with the harshness of the game. The racket aims perfect shots due to its lightweight and hitting the shuttle is very easy. Due to its comfortable feel, it is good racket for the beginners and comes with top-notch material with a good package. The cup-stack carbon nanotube is inserted inside for durability and more flexibility. While the High Modulus Graphite helps you to reduce the repulsion power with the hybrid combo frame that hits the shuttle very hard.

Key Features

There are number of features that will force you bring this racket home for your next game, some of them are as follow

  • The super HMG (High Modulus Graphite) will add a layer to the stability
  • The high tension of the racket gives you a better control and more precision
  • Its high duty frame hits the shuttle with full force to long distances
  • The new grommet pattern gives a better string tension retention.
  • The solid field core filters all the excess vibrations
  • It is very accurate and precise in its shots
  • The built-in T joint in the racket provides more stability
  • The light weight plastic will let you grip it more comfortably
  • CS carbon overall gives a better control, better precision and better shots
  • Titanium alloy will let you produce explosive and blooming sounds

  • Filters excess vibrations
  • More stable
  • Built-in T joint technology
  • Pre-stung right out of the box
  • Super High Modulus Graphite with titanium alloy
  • Excellent control
  • Highly precise and accurate
  • Loud shots sound

  • Good for beginners mostly

Customer's Reviews
Customers on Amazon are very happy with the product; they love to play with this racket. A new buyer is looking forward for the next match, as he is very excited to use this for his next tournament. One buyer added that he had to restrung the racket from his club as the customized ring was not so comfortable to play. Overall experience was good as it is lightweight and works great

4.Wilson Recon P3500 - Light in Weight

Wilson Recon P3500

If you want your next match with new dimensions, Wilson Recon P3500 is the best choice for you in the market. Without any further delay, add a precious badminton racket to your court. The racket is good for people who are beginner, double players, people looking for maneuverability and those who lack power or techniques to play. The weight is about 4U, which is good for better control and handling. This will also aid in more maneuverability. With a beautiful design racket, enter the match and let your opponents have a break in their court.

The heavy head racket with medium stiffness is cool for use if you want to maintain your fear on your opponents. The badminton rackets come pre-strung and ready to use out of the box. The recommended string tension is 20 to 25 lbs. The G5 grip makes your handling more easy and stable. Sky blue and navy blue hues of the racket gives you fast strikes and better accuracy. Shaft of the racket extends to the bottom of the handle that aids in more repulsion and punching power.

Key Features

There are certain features that makes it the best badminton racket for all ages, some of which are as follow

  • The T-joint system gives you more stability
  • The extended shaft will increase repulsion and punching power
  • It will let you hit the shuttle with full force
  • The sleek and smart design makes the grip easy
  • Accuracy and precision of the shots are tremendous
  • Good for the practice of beginners
  • Light in weight therefore easy to handle
  • It can tolerate heavy shots in a light manner
  • Makes you versatile while playing the match
  • You will feel remarkable gaming sensations using this racket
  • The typing sound of the racket are very pleasant
  • The powerful smashes will keep your opponents on edge

  • Light in weight
  • Durable for single and double matches
  • Strong hitting sounds
  • Powerful smashes
  • Easy to grip
  • Accurate shots
  • Attractive design

  • Shaft is week for heavy games
  • Grip base is thick

Customer's Reviews
People really loved the racket and commented good for the racket on different platforms, a buyer added that he had a street tournament last week. He played well with this racket and loved the way it works during the match. The shots were lean and powerful, the accuracy and precision level was awesome. The hitting sound of shuttles were loud and the experience was all good for single and double games.

5.Babolat Satellite Gravity Badminton racket - Sleek and Smart Design

Babolat Satellite Gravity Badminton racket

Babolat Satellite Gravity is useful for the players of beginners or intermediate level. The flexibility of the racket is semi-stiff with weight of 6U. The grip size is G2. The weight is somehow more than the other rackets in the list. If you have tight grip on your game and on the rackets, it is good for you but for the starters, it is not recommended, as the weight will not let you play freely. You will need more power to hit the shots with strokes. Although it is a well-balanced racket which offers you extreme maneuverability if handled with expertise. You will love the exceptional tolerance level and playability.

The grommet is designed beautifully with the orange and grey shades. The SLIM T technology installed in the racket makes it best badminton racket ever. The T-joint with ultra-thin shaft is a perfect combination for exceptional game sensation and gives the racket aerodynamic stability. Additionally, the carbon fiber reinforcement of the racket improves the accuracy level. It is ideal for defensive players.

Key Features

There are a number of features that you will love in the racket and these points will force you to get this racket for you next game. Some of them are as follow:

  • This is a perfectly balanced racket for perfect players
  • If you are looking a racket with good tolerance level, it is a better choice for you
  • The beginners can practice their tournaments on this product
  • For the double players, who are looking for maneuverability, it is the best choice ever
  • People who are looking for a high end product with less budget, will love this racket
  • A perfect combination of shaft and frame with T-joint
  • It is aerodynamically stable and accurate in shots
  • The precision level is high for incredibly powerful shots
  • It is idea for defensive players

  • Comes in a good budget
  • Powerful for head light
  • Sleek and smart design
  • Well balanced racket
  • Powerful strokes
  • Highly accurate
  • SLIM T technology

  • A bit heavy in weight

Customer's Reviews
This is a product to love! A buyer on Amazon added that, I played with many rackets, as badminton is my favorite game from childhood. But, this one worked best in my history. The strokes are good, the edge are strong, the shaft is powerful, and the grommet is beautifully designed. This had a fear on my opponents. The balance was really awesome and my overall experience with the racket was great.

6.Yonex Duora Z-Strike - Good for Defense

Yonex Duora Z-Strike

Yonex has always been the best for the pro players, as well as the beginners. If you can afford a hefty amount for you racket, you must go for any of them from Yonex. The company has made its repute in the world of badminton over a short period of time. They aim to provide the best quality badminton rackets to their buyers. The flexibility is extra stiff and the frame is strong made from the heavy graphite and Nanometric. The shaft of the racket is heavy MS, which will increase your strength over the shots. Made of graphite material, the weight is minimum so that you can easily handle it and it makes the carrying easy.

When you hit the shuttle, the energy transfer is overall powerful and goes straight to your target. The solid field core in the racket frame will get rid from the excess vibrations that will aid you in heavy strokes. The T-joint anchor system of the racket joint will make it twist less and allow increased accuracy. The shots are accurate and takes less effort from your side, for long or short distances. For defensive player, under extremely pressured conditions, they can deliver shots to long distances.

Key Features

Yonex Duora Z-Strike features a number of good points that will appeal you to buy this badminton racket, some of these are discussed below:

  • The racket is good for very fast delivery with lesser effort
  • The speed and power of shots are remarkable
  • Shaft and frame of the racket is made from graphite
  • The made material is strong and makes it light in weight
  • Accuracy and precision level is incredible
  • It is aerodynamically stable and fast in deliveries
  • The string bed is very soft thus plastic shuttles are not good at delivery
  • Sting tension is estimated to be 25, which is good for extra fast shots
  • The feather shuttles flies with very less power of yours
  • The shaft is made from Heavy MS that is durable in duty

  • Made from graphite material
  • Highly accurate
  • Precise in shots
  • Take your less effort
  • Shuttle goes straight to your aim
  • Light in weight
  • Good for defense

  • String problem in some cases

Customer's Reviews
Amazon buyer are very happy with the performance of Duora Z strike, customer’s narrated that the racket is very good for offense and defense in the game. There is racket in the box when it comes to your home. The control and power is good and overall experience with the product was remarkable. The performance is good for both forehand and backhand players. The string is better for attacking.

7.Li-Ning Superlight Windstorm 72 - Carbon Graphite Handle

Li-Ning Superlight Windstorm 72

Li Ning is the most graceful racket in our list of the best badminton rackets. The color schemes and design of the racket is unbeatable. Along with the appearance, the performance is also supreme and it will let your opponent down. The innovative wisdom 72 is a super light badminton racket that weighs only 72 grams. The lightweight racket is good for offense and defense in the game. The delivery of hard shots is effortless and the shuttle goes with high blistering power. The racket can be strung up to 30 lbs. that will help you in destroying the competition.

The best thing is the choice in colors, you can select among four colors that suits you the best. The string tension is about 30 lbs. that will hit your shuttle with full force. It comes with a super light technology that puts less effort on your arms and let you play all rounds without any fatigue. The UHB shaft improves the smash performance and effective in hitting the half smashes. The improved badminton racket flex higher up on the shaft provides extreme strength and control.

Key Features

Windstorm 72 is worth buying due its unmatchable features in the market, some of which are discussed below:

  • The carbon graphite handle provides strength and grip
  • The perfect bonding of nanometer carbon fiber with improved strength
  • This is super light racket with feathered weight
  • The overall strength of the racket is increased by 20%
  • It is good for both offense and defense player
  • It includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance
  • There is a dynamic optimum frame that is unbeatable
  • Player will face minimum air resistance
  • The frame structure is extra aerodynamically favorable
  • You will feel lesser fatigue after using this racket due to the light weight technology

  • Aerodynamically stable
  • More air resistant
  • TB Nano PowerTec
  • UHB shaft
  • Lighter in weight
  • Takes less power
  • Carbon graphite handle
  • Dynamic optimum frame

  • No as such

Customer's Reviews
People really appreciated the technology installed in this badminton racket. A buyer on Amazon said about the racket that Li-Ning is the world’s leading sports brand and this product has proved them right. I loved this racket, it is easy to handle under tough conditions, reliable for heavy matches and suitable for both singles and doubles. I highly recommend you to use this racket for your next game.

8.Babolat I-Pulse Power Badminton Racket - Little Back Swing

Babolat I-Pulse Power Badminton Racket (1)

With G2 string, Babolat I-pulse power is leading the world in the name of best badminton rackets. It is a perfect blend of fast and furious speed, great control and high accuracy. There are certain extra features in Babolat i-pulse that makes it more worthy that is the aerodynamically designed frame, which gives you more stability. The head shape is isometric and the material is fully carbon graphite. Players recommend this racket for both single and double tournaments. The flexibility is more than other rackets for more powerful shots and the balance is even.

The racket comes strung out of the box from the seller and it includes full cover for better protection and easy carry.  The maximum string tension is 27 lbs. that is good for the powerful strokes. The weight is 3U that is very light in nature and easily adjustable for every player. The control over that racket is very easy as the shaft of the racket is thinner and you can easily grip it. For better games, bring this racket to your court and enjoy you next game.

Key Features

Babolat has always maintained it good repute in the market and all of its products are of high quality under a reasonable price. Some of the best features about Babolat i-pulse power are as below for your review:

  • It is perfect combination of control, speed and accuracy.
  • You will feel versatile due to the incredibly even balance
  • The racket is great for both offense and defense games
  • Digging shots are very easy to produce
  • The shaft is highly flexible and makes your grips easy
  • The frame design makes the smashes ferocious
  • It will produce shots with great power and takes less effort
  • It is very light in weight and handling is quite tranquil
  • The overall balance of the racket is highly even
  • The usage of this racket will update your overall performance
  • It comes with full cover to make it carriage easy
  • Carbon graphite material makes it durable

  • Carbon graphite material
  • Isometric head shape
  • Highly precise
  • Extra flexible
  • Hits shuttle with more power
  • Takes less effort
  • Even balance
  • Little back swing

  • Strings issue in some cases

Customer's Reviews
People from all over the world likes the performance of the racket, a buyer narrated that it is the best racket under the best price. It has an excellent feel and control. The shots come off very fast and the flexibility is medium. The overall durability of the rackets is very well in comparison to other companies. It is highly stable in breaking and cracking.

9.Babolat X-Feel Origin Essential Racket - Easy to Carry

Babolat X-Feel Origin Essential Racket

Like other Babolat rackets, X-Feel also comes with full-length cover for protection and easy carrying of the racket. It a 3U version with 84 grams weight that is very light to handle and makes your arm feel free in the game. The head is slightly round and the stringing pattern is most accurate that makes the shots reliable. The shaft is relatively stiff and it is more or even balanced. In the court, it will deliver the best from your side according to your expectations and the shuttle straight goes to your opponents. It gives a totally different feel and delivers quite well overhead.

The grommets are really tidy and best for heavy-duty performances. The ultra-thin shaft of the racket makes it aerodynamically stable and provide greater repulsion level. This racket will allow you to hit the shuttlecocks with full efforts and you will be able to block the opponent’s attacks. The head shape is isometric and flexibility is medium. The string tension of the racket is 18 to 27 lbs. you can set it according to your will.

Key Features

There are certain features that makes X-feel essential racket better for use under pressurized conditions. Some of these features are as follow:

  • The shaft is ultra-thin that improves your grip over it
  • The racket is aerodynamically very stable
  • Repulsion power of the racket is high thus blocks your opponents shots
  • The overall balance is even with medium flexibility
  • It comes with string tension up to 27 lbs. that is good for high power shots
  • Maximum length of the racket is 675 mm that is ideal for better strokes
  • It comes with full length cover and pre strung from factory
  • The balanced weight makes it easy to handle
  • Grommet tightly held for better experience on the court
  • It will allow you to control it fully over the game
  • The made material will go with you for a long time if you use it with care

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with full length leather cover
  • Pre-strung from factory
  • Ultra-thin shaft
  • Aerodynamically stable
  • Better results for off-center hits
  • Better accuracy

  • Need power for forceful shots

Customer's Reviews
Babolat has always win the hearts of the buyer, X-feel is the best badminton racket I have ever used, a customer added on Amazon. He further said that the product is extremely reliable for super level tournaments with even balance. The repulsion power is great, it is recommended for both offensive and defensive games.

10.Babolat Prime Essential Graphite Badminton Racket - High-duty Frame

Babolat Prime Essential Graphite Badminton Racket

Another product from Babolat in our list of the best badminton rackets, Babolat Prime Essential Racket! The frames of the rackets is made from 100% HMG (High Modulus Graphite) that is the best made material for any racket company. The balanced weight and the high-end flexibility leads you to the better shots. The shaft flexibility leads you to more aerodynamic stability. The frame is best for the air penetration so that you will feel less resistance and so that you can hit the shuttle with full force.

If we move to the specifications, the weight is 85 grams, with 675 mm length and high flexibility level. The composition is graphite and string pattern is 20*21 that are good for ideal rackets. If you aim to improve your skills for the next match, it is the most recommended racket for you. The weight/power ratio is excellent and the frame increases it maneuverability and improves the extra fast deliveries.

Key Features

Babolat Prime Essential! The ever best racket to test your skills and enhance your expertise. The main features that makes it ideal racket for use are as follow:

  • The frame of the rackets is aerodynamically optimum
  • You will lesser air resistant as there is maximum air penetration across the frame
  • It is very light in weight, thus easy to handle
  • The shaft is really flexible for heavy-duty shots
  • You can hit the shuttle with full force applying little force
  • The made material of the racket is high modulus graphite
  • The balance overall the length is even
  • String pattern of the racket favors better shots
  • You will love the accuracy level after a few days use
  • This will not put force on your arms after long terms games
  • If you use it with care, it is highly durable and goes with you for long periods

  • High-duty Frame
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for heavy-duty performance
  • High power shots
  • Accurate and precise
  • Aerodynamic stability
  • Graphite composition
  • Even balance
  • Fast deliveries

  • No issues as such

Customer's Reviews
Babolat Prime Essential is the best racket ever! Buyers on Amazon loved this product and gave five star reviews. A buyer added that the strings are reliable for heavy shots, the penetration level of the air is high thus less resistant. I have used this for my last street tournament; I loved to play with this and enjoyed the game a lot.

11.Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket - Nanometric carbon fibers

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket

Duora 10 is the part of the Yonex new range racket of series Duora. It was introduced in 2015, it was meant to replace the Arcsaber series of the company. Duora 10 is the first-top-of-the-line racket in the range release of the main selling point. It is hybrid frame design that gives it more stability and durability. It is good for the players that play with forehand as well as for backhand players. Yonex aims to produce the rackets that allow the players to be on the offense with all of his shots. The frame is dynamic dual design with two frame shapes combined into a single, providing perfect blend for speed and power.

The best feature of the racket is the idea behind the dual optimal design, which will enhance the all aspects of your game. The box frame supports your heavy smashes and the thinner aero frame is to cut the good air proportion. It is also good for defensive shots. The shaft is made from high modulus graphite with Nanometric technique, which increases the strength and makes it light. The newly installed technology improved its stiffness and immediate repulsion.

Key Features

Yonex Duora series are all time favorite for badminton players, there are a number of best features in every racket. Some of which about Duora 10 are as below:

  • The dual optimal technology makes it best for offense and defense
  • The shaft is favorable for both front and backhand players
  • Stiff shafts adds accuracy to the shots
  • The glossy black color with orange and green combination adds attractiveness to the design
  • It comes with the improved Nanometric technology
  • It resist maximum air coming to your side
  • The immediate repulsion has been increased with advance technology
  • The overall flexibility is stiff with average weight of 4U
  • Made material is HMG, Nanometric DR, that are highly reliable
  • You can use to enhance your capabilities in badminton
  • It is good for signal and double games

  • Dual Optimum Technology
  • Nanometric carbon fibers
  • High-end quality
  • Takes less force
  • Highly accurate
  • New grommet pattern
  • Isometric frame shape
  • Solid feel core
  • Built-in T-joint

  • No as such

Customer's Reviews
This is an all in one racket, a buyer added in the comments. He further added that it is the best racket ever in the list of the world’s best rackets. This is a good product I have ever seen. Super racket, can feel the real power in your hand. Has two clear sides for backhand as well as forehand. Had earlier played with Duora 77 and arc saber series but this one is real pro and one can feel the power it generate and further transfer it to the shuttle in one go.

12.QICHUAN Graphite Badminton Racket - Very Flexible

QICHUAN Graphite Badminton Racket

Other than Yonex, Qichuan is the world’s leading company in badminton rackets. People from all over the world love to play badminton with this racket in the hands. It comes pre-strung in the box; you are all set to play with it. The price of the racket is also very reasonable for pro level players or the beginners. The unstrung weight of the racket is only 82 grams that makes it light to use and easy to carry. The grip size is G4, and it is very flexible.

The composition of the racket is the shaft made from graphite and the frame is made from carbon alloy that provides it more strength and stability. The balance is nearly 290, with 27 inches length. Head shape of the racket is isometric that let you shot the shuttle equally from all sides. There is 30% larger sweet spot. It is really a great choice for school sports, family fun, fitness, and recreational games and so on.

Key Features

There will be certainly a number of features that makes this product five rated on Amazon, some of them under our knowledge are given below

  • Above all, the rackets are reasonable in price for all level players
  • Grommet of the rackets come with the upgraded version
  • The head shape is isometric with a large sweet spot.
  • The made material is 100% durable
  • Frame of the racket is made from graphite, as well as the grommet and the shaft
  • It comes with a carry bag that can accommodate 4 to 6 rackets inside
  • In the parcel, there are 2 rackets and 2 breathable grips as well.
  • The string pattern of the racket is 22*22, that is good for long shots
  • It is favorable for both forehand and backhand players
  • It will resist rusting and available for long term use
  • The rackets are recommended for offensive and defensive games

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite composition
  • Isometric head shape
  • Comes with a large bag
  • Very flexible
  • For all level player
  • Affordable price
  • Well strung

  • No as such

Customer's Reviews
All buyers on Amazon are very happy with the performance of the racket. This product is rated 5 stars on Amazon. A buyer on Amazon said that I love the racket, it is nice and tight strung. The control and handling is easy, with affordable prices.

13.ZOEA Badminton Racket - High Quality Material

ZOEA Badminton Racket

Professional upgrade rackets with high performance comes with full carbon fiber and high graded graphite is the best badminton racket in the list. The string tension is high that makes it hard and durable. It is hard to break and the square head isometric frame makes your game effortless. The head shape enables the product to endure 26 pounds string tension. If you talk about its composition, the frame and shaft is totally made from 100% carbon fiber. It provide s you the extreme quality to experience better badminton game.

The powerful T-shaped design inside improves the stability of the frame. The frame and the outer whole layer is made with extremely high quality material that gives it more strength and power. The grips are durable and comfortable, even for the people who face sweating problem while the game, the moisture removal is remarkable. You can achieve high precision, with more stability and unparalleled power.

Key Features

What makes the ZOEA best for the players? Let us have a look on the best features of the racket to make sure that you are making the right choice

  • The powerful T-joint gives you better stability while the game
  • Grips are very comfortable and durable
  • The made material of the racket is 100% carbon alloy that enhances its hardness
  • It is very light in nature, about 80 grams when unstrung
  • Overall friction over the grip is good and the moisture is easily dries
  • It comes with a bag for better protection and carriage
  • The frame and shaft is made with high quality material that provides more durability
  • There is powerful T-joint inside for more stability
  • It is very light in weight that aid you in good control over the game
  • The deformation of the racket is stabilize by the internal T-structure
  • You will feel no force on your arms and shoulders after playing with this racket

  • Very light in weight
  • High quality material
  • Effortless shots
  • Powerful T-joint
  • High tension string
  • Isometric head
  • Better control
  • Removes moisture easily
  • 100% carbon fiber

  • Poor handle quality

Customer's Reviews
Buyer’s on Amazon appreciated the product, a buyer added that I have played the indoor badminton for last 50 years; I have found this one of the best product ever! Today I played with the racket and found it lighter in weight. The shaft is highly flexible with strong grip. The greater tension added power to my smashes and clears.

14.Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton Racket - Best for Beginner

Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton Racket

If you want to buy a badminton racket for a beginner or if you are short of money, Franklin Sports 2 player badminton is the best choice for you. This product comes in different colors, red, white and blue, the choice is yours to select which one suits you best. The rackets are made from steel, the frame and shaft is somehow heavy but they are strong to go for heavy games. These are made for ultimate fun and joy.

You can present it to your kid on his/her next birthday to make him future player. The best thing about the racket is its smooth grip that will enable you shot fast and rapidly with less effort. In complete packages, it comes with two A-grade shuttlecocks, which are best for the starters to practice the game.

Key Features

It is the best choice for the beginner and kids due to following reasons

  • The shaft of the rackets are smooth for good grip
  • The feel of the rackets are comfortable for newbies to practice the game
  • It comes with metallic strings
  • The string are strong to face the fast-coming shots towards you
  • It is resistant to coming air flow, thus allowing more sharp shots
  • the racket is good for both front and backhand players
  • it is perfect replacement of worn out rackets
  • The set comes for two players

  • Steel composition
  • Light in weight
  • Cheap
  • Best for beginner
  • Sharp shots
  • Metallic string

  • Steel is suspected to rust

Customer's Reviews
Newbies are really happy with the set of badminton rackets. This is an inexpensive set, best for the backyard fun! A buyer on Amazon narrated. He further added that it is ultra-thin and light in weight that helps the kids to play well with fewer efforts. You will love to play solo and double games with the rackets.

15.FiberFlash 7 by RiteTrak Sports - Best for Pro Players

FiberFlash 7 by RiteTrak Sports

RiteTrak is the right choice for the badminton players. The best features of the rackets includes its great look, solid construction and one-piece design. The made material of the rackets is steel or aluminum with a T connector holding shaft. The head and the shaft of the racket is strongly connected to each other for strong bonding. Shaft is made from carbon fiber or graphite for extra durability. While the making, quality remains the top most priority of manufacturers.

The racket set comes with a fabric carrying-bag that will protect you while on tours or taking it to far places. If you talk about the specs of the racket, a single racket weighs nearly 90 grams, with the length of 67 cm. The balance point is 295 mm, which is great for heavy strokes. The flex of the racket is rated as stiff that is good for hitting the shuttle with great power. Moreover, the string tension is 22-24 lbs. this is somehow less than that of other products.

Key Features

It is the best product in our list for pro and intermediate level players. What features make it best? This question arises to everyone’s mind when buying a product. So, we have enlisted few best features for buyers satisfaction:

  • The shaft and head are made from strong materials
  • A full set comes with the carrying bag made from 420D polyester
  • The bag is zippered for easy carrying and protection
  • You will love the great performance with tight stringing
  • “T” connector holder provides you better stability
  • This a reliable product for backyard games and family fun
  • The rackets are premium rackets for very less cost
  • The string strength is large enough for strong shorts and long hits
  • Player with forehand or backhand games can enjoy the performance
  • PVC embossed grip will provide you more control over the racket

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with polyester bag
  • String tension is 24 lbs.
  • Durable
  • Cheaper than other products
  • Best for pro players
  • Favors long hits

  • Steel is suspected to rust

Customer's Reviews
People on Amazon enjoyed using these rackets a lot. A buyer added that the rackets are of great quality! I casually play the game in my backyard. In addition, loved playing with these rackets. These are lightweight and string are tight. The carrying bag a large capacity for multiple rackets inside. The birdies are also good that came with it in package.

16.Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket - Good for Beginners

Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek Badminton Racket

Li-Ning I leading the world of badminton rackets and other related products. We have another top best product from Li-Ning in our list of best badminton rackets. The best thing about these rackets is that it can bear high tension over the strings and you will face no trouble on your shoulders. The rackets are light in weight, they are just 85 grams that is easy to handle and carry with you.

This product will fit best to your capabilities and strength that will enhance your playing abilities. The grip size of the racket is S2. These are recommended for beginners level players, so that you can enhance your abilities with playing with it. Mostly this is good for kids as the balance point is about 320 mm that is great to incoming shots and long strikes. It comes with a full-length cover so that you can protect it fully and take it with you anywhere with no worries.

Key Features

Here are some best features of this product that will satisfy you to buy this:

  • The overall flexibility of the racket is medium
  • It comes with full length cover that makes the carriage easy
  • The grip material is Polyurethane (PU) that is good for man and woman
  • The string tension is 24 to 26 lbs. that is good for hitting the shuttles with high power
  • It is made from carbon graphite that helps it to bear high tension strokes
  • Head shape of the racket is isometric that enables you hit long shots
  • It is best for forehand and backhand players
  • The balance point is wider that other rackets, which is good for learners and newbies
  • It is very light in weight, with good hand grip
  • The shots will not take force from your shoulders

  • Lightweight
  • Wider balance point
  • Isometric head shape
  • Strong handgrip
  • Durable made material
  • High string tension
  • Lifetime with little care
  • Good for beginners

  • Not good for smashes

Customer's Reviews
Buyer really appreciated this product on Amazon, a user-added, “Its lightweight but not very light, loved how easy it moves, very smooth and good feel quit big head for easy shots, must buy in the range under 1500.” Another buyer was not satisfied with the quality according to his review; this is not good for starters.

17.KEVENZ Badminton Racket - Professional Hitting Surface

KEVENZ Badminton Racket

People often ask about the best badminton racket after Yonex for pro players. For them, it is the best choice that meet all buyers requirements. KEVENZ has considered all types of players that pay with forehand or backhand, or those players that hit the strikes or play long shots. The pack comes with two rackets, one in black color other in black color. The total racket weight is 3U that is 97 grams. The carbon fiber integration system makes it more susceptible to heavy shots and long strokes.

The string tension is about 22 to 26 lbs. that will help you to maintain the control. The balance point is wider for better than normal rackets that enhance your equilibrium over the game. Moreover, the torsion level is high due to the carbon fiber fusion and T-type structure. Resins and carbon fiber add on more stability and durability.

Key Features

  • The rackets are light in weight, it is only 3U, less than that of 4U and 5U
  • The composition is carbon fiber integration T types structure
  • Groove protector frame of the racket helps to protect the racket cable from destruction
  • The string tension is enough to pull 22 to 26 pounds
  • The flexibility of the racket is medium that is good for newbies
  • This is made from 100% carbon fiber
  • The net string is durable for more powerful shots
  • Handle of the racket is covered with rubber ring for protection
  • For handy transportations, there is ergonomically designed carry bag
  • The string material is durable for removal of high vibrations
  • Shaft and grommet is connected with T structure for more stability

  • Durable
  • More stable
  • Powerful shots
  • T-joint
  • Carry bag
  • Rubber ring around handle
  • No vibrations
  • 100% carbon fiber
  • Carbon elastic medium rod
  • Groove protector
  • Professional hitting surface

  • Weighs a bit more than narrated

Customer's Reviews
You will find a number of fans on Amazon of this product. Giving you a short description of a buyer comment, he added that I am super thrifty for buying inexpensive birdies all summer, finally I found the product after seeing through a number of items. This is the best product I have tried ever so far. As it inexpensive and comes with all needed qualities.

18.Wilson recon PX7600 - Heavy Duty Frame

Wilson recon PX7600

We have another product from Wilson Recon in our list competing with Yonex products and leading the market of badminton. It is very easy to handle and carry due to the lightweight that is only 83 grams. The lightweight let you control the racket fully and you can shot the shuttle with full power imposing less force on your arms and shoulders. It comes with high agility power that allows you faster acceleration with lower balance.

This is one of the best options for mid-court games, which require fast drives and power returns. Moreover, talking about the specifications, we have its length about 675 mm with medium flexibility. This feature enables you to take long shots with less power. The balance is even and it allows you long attacks from smaller movements.

Key Features

We have enlisted below the best features of the product that will answer your all questions about it

  • It is very light in weight for your better experience in the game
  • The balance of the product is even and you will love have better control over the game
  • Weight of the product is 83 grams only
  • The flexibility is medium
  • It is high power agility racket for more powerful stokes
  • The total length is 675 mm that is good for control over the product
  • You will have feel faster acceleration due to lower balance
  • Forehand and backhand players will love to play with this
  • The grip is smooth
  • You will feel your muscles free from tension after playing the game
  • The striking sounds of shots are high

  • Smooth feel
  • Tight grip
  • Strong string tension
  • Faster acceleration
  • Powerful T junction
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Light weight
  • More accuracy
  • Ultra-thin shaft
  • Excellent control

  • Not for pro players

Customer's Reviews
A player of badminton and user of this racket has added that I am player of badminton on regular basis. Among all rackets, these are the best, and I like them the most. The control over the racket is very easy and they are powerful enough. This is a good collection for intermediate level players and beginners to practice the game.

19.Li-Ning Badminton Windstorm 78SL - Ultra Carbon Composition

Li-Ning Badminton Windstorm 78SL

Li Ning has made its name in the badminton world, due its better performance and high durability. This product is very light in weight that is nearly 78 grams. The lighter weight makes is easy to swing and controls are better. The colors are very attractive and made material makes it more strong and powerful. The composition is commercial grade carbon fiber. The color are stunning red, gold, blue, graphite and grey thus the buyer has a verity of options to choose.

Additionally, the specifications are worth noticing. If you talk about them one by one, the weigh is 78 grams, overall length is 675 mm, and the flexibility of the shaft is medium. Overall balance point is 298 mm that makes your offense and defense in the game more strong. The string tension is 24 to 28 lbs. vertically and 30 lbs. horizontally. Dynamic optimum frame with AeroTec beam system.

Key Features

Why should you go with this product? This question comes to everyone mind when you go to buy a product. The best features are as below

  • It is very light in weight for better control
  • The shaft is flexible enough to experience good player scenario
  • It comes factory strung with 24 lbs. string tension
  • Grip length is 200 mm, which will let you feel strong grips over the length
  • It comes with 6 months warranty directly by Li Ning
  • The shaft is slim enough with high tensile strength
  • The dynamic optimum frame is strong enough for strong hits
  • Moreover, the made material is grade carbon fiber
  • High string tension increases the capabilities of the players
  • It can withstand the fast racket swing techniques
  • This produces excellent power strokes with less energy

  • Stunning looks
  • High flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • More string tension capacity
  • Dynamic optimum frame
  • AeroTec Beam system
  • Ultra carbon composition
  • High tensile shaft
  • Easy swing

  • Does not with bag

Customer's Reviews
The buyers on Amazon are very happy with product performance. A customer added “It’s very light weight as claimed. But, seems delicate to hold and the white grip may become dirty upon regular use. So far no complaints and having fun. Also, the racket doesn’t come with the bag.

20.Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket - Less Deformation Risk

Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket

Senston N80 is made from the best composing material, which is 100% carbon fiber. The frame and the shaft is totally made from this this giving it better stability and durability. The unstrung racket weight is 75 grams that is very light to handle and more control. You will feel no pain as you experience with the heavier rackets. The composition also reduces the frame destruction and enhances the stability. It is more stable due to the built-in T joint and solid construction. You will achieve more accuracy and high precision.

You will moreover find extra features for such a lower rates. The additional characteristics are the Nanometric frame and it involves the scientific theory of fluid dynamics. This theory will enhance the stability and durability of the product. This will let you play with unparalleled power. Furthermore, the structure reduces any chances of frame deformation and destruction. The non-slip handle grip will let you increase the comfort level in game.

Key Features

There are a number of features that in this racket and you will love to have this product in your list

  • Solid construction with one piece design
  • It comes with high precision level and more stability
  • It involves the fluid dynamics theory that is a different feature
  • The powerful T-joint inside provides it further stability
  • It avoids deformation due to the inside strong structure
  • The non-slip handle grip will increase your hold
  • The head shape is isometric so that you can hit the shots from all sides
  • It is not easy to slide thus you achieve high accuracy

  • Built-in T joint
  • High accuracy
  • More precision
  • Non-slip handle
  • Less deformation risk
  • Controlled performance
  • More stability
  • Longer shots
  • Unique pyramid frame rim

  • No as such

Customer's Reviews
Buyers from all over the world loved this product. A user of this racket added that, I have no words for this awesome product. The performance of this racket was a surprise for me! It is extremely light in weight and holds great stability. The control is remarkable and the stings are long-term use if you take good care of it.

How to Choose Best Badminton Racket (Buyer's Guide)

Players often remains confused about the best badminton racket in the market. There are multiple option when you go to the sports shop. The choice remains on your edge, it totally depends on your capabilities, abilities and your gaming method. However, at the end, you will certainly look some of the features in your product before investing your money. We have discussed the features that makes the rackets best, have a look on them before buying your product.


Weight is the major issue in all buying products either they are racket, bats or tennis rackets. In badminton racket, weight matters a lot! Most often for the beginners, weight is a must to consider thing. The most suitable weight for good games is 80 to 90 grams with a lower balance point. This feature makes the control over the racket easy.

Additionally, you will get high speed in smashing the shuttle. Lightweight will also aid you handle and carry the racket effortlessly. This will increase your serves and switching to different strokes briskly. It will also reduce the burden on the shoulder and takes less force from the arms. This will decrease the chances of injury as well.

Racket Frame

If you are a professional player, you will surely have a look on the frame of the racket. Along with the head shape, frame type is necessary element that put a lot in your product. They give aerodynamic strength to your shaft and increases your grip over it. Yonex has set up an international standard of head shape, which is isometric. This is uniform from all sides thus increasing the ideal spot of the string net.

This part of the racket adds expertise to your game so be conscious about the frame while choosing the product. Other than this, the oval shape is also conventional, that has a trickier sweet spot. If you win to land the shuttle on the right place, you will have better shots with excellent quality. At the end, be careful about your successful landing on the sweet spot to improve your game quality.

The shaft of the racket

Shaft of the racket, also known as the stem, is must to see parameter while buying the racket. The overall behavior of the racket depends on the length of the shaft. The shafts with length of 675 mm is known as “long shaft.” However, normally the length is kept nearly 670 mm in all cases. The benefit of the long stems is that they increase power strokes for a pronounced flexion.

On the other side, if we talk about short-stem rackets, the power of these are also not negligible. Shorter lengths allow powerful smashes, and supports the frame. It reduces the risk of deformation of graphite. These frames allow more maneuverability and better sensations in the game. It will be proximate in its shots and you will be close to the hitting zone. But, you will feel difficulty in hitting the baseline strokes.

info graphic of best badminton rackets
Best Badminton Rackets

General FAQ’s

What is the best badminton racket brand?

Badminton rackets depends on the players demands and type but if we generally talk about it, Yonex is leading the world of the top badminton rackets. For its forceful features and innovative quality, it is topping the world of sports. Other than this, Li-Ning, and Wilson are well known.

What is the best string tension for badminton rackets?

String tension is based on the level of the player, if the player is beginner or intermediate. For intermediate level players, 24 to 26 lbs. is best to add more repulsion and power to the shots. But for the beginner it should be 22 to 24 lbs.

Which shaft material is mostly recommended?

Shaft of the badminton should be light in weight and ultra-thin, this will increase your control and enhances the aerodynamic stability. Most commonly, graphite and tungsten shaft is used. However, carbon alloys is nowadays used for make it more lightweight.

What is the best racket string for good performance?

The top quality rackets comes without racket strings, not because they do not have the one. They give you the right to choose the one for your product according to your requirement. A good string must have the qualities of more control, good feel, less vibrations, and better resilience.

Where is the sweet spot of racket located?

Sweet spot of racket is the must known place in the string net, as it will define your shots. The best rackets have more wide sweet spot for more better shots. It is generally located at the center of the string net.

Final Verdict

At the end, I want to conclude with the final words. I have enlisted 20 top rackets in the above list. However, which one is the best in these top rackets? This is the next question of every buyer.  For them I must say, choose the product according to your skills, and interest. Do not go with anyone’s advice until and unless the product satisfies you.

Moreover, while buying the rackets, you must consider string strengths, frame and shaft composition, frame shape, grip over the handle, wideness of sweet spot and the rope. After considering all these features, hope you will get the right product. Do remember to share your favorite badminton racket with us.

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